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In 1700, the Santa Margheria Pharmacy in Venice was the point of reference in the Dorsoduro district for the pharmaceutical supply of ships leaving the port. Expanded after the opening of the Rio Novo in 1930, after the replacement of many owners and directors, it was acquired by Dr. Giuseppe Candiani, who is still the holder of it today. Dr. Giuseppe Candiani is assisted by Dr. Danilo Frapporti, Collaborator Dott.ssa Valentina Lombardo and Maria Grazia De Rossi.

The Santa Margherita Pharmacy

On the way to Campo San Pantalon stands the ancient marble sign of Santa Margherita: a Christian martyr of Alexandrian origin, condemned to be devoured alive by a dragon. In the insignia, Santa Margherita comes out immune from the bowels of the monster after he has recognized innocence and holiness.The Santa Margherita Pharmacy is a place rich in history, where the charm of the ancient Venetian tradition meets the modernity of a state-of-the-art medical approach.

What you will find

Our highly qualified staff and the complete range of pharmaceutical and parafarmaceutics products have made Santa Margherita Pharmacy an irreplaceable landmark for the city of Venice.You will find traditional pharmaceutical, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic and veterinary medicines, galenic preparations, early childhood products and foods, celiac and diabetic foods, plus pressure and blood glucose monitoring.Our pharmacists are distinguished by their competence, courtesy and availability to every customer's needs. The Santa Margherita Pharmacy is at your disposal, always offering you a careful pharmacological and pathological advice.

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